Become a Club Champion

Club Champions play an important role in the continued growth and advancement of our mission. By committing to consistent monthly support, Club Champions provide more than the financial stability needed to keep our programs going; they provide the ongoing hope that our children need for a life of success.

Become a Club Champion

Once a Month Makes a Difference

Club Champions share our desire to impact the kids, families and communities throughout Chicago’s most under-resourced neighborhoods. They share in our vision to reach the kids who have the greatest need for  intervention. By The Hand’s mission would not be possible without our champions.

This year we are serving more than 1,500 kids—mind, body and soul—and to accomplish this we rely on the generosity of many people. Giving $25 or more a month provides the necessary resources to help our kids have abundant life, including personalized educational support, spiritual mentoring, nutritious meals, health services like eye and dental exams, safe transportation to and from the club, and much more. Club Champions help make all of this possible.

Making Extraordinary Strides

In addition to providing consistent, ongoing support our Club Champions are encouraged to pray for our kids on a regular basis and consider the many volunteer opportunities throughout the year. We know that by working together, we can see our kids make the most extraordinary strides—in school and in life. Will you join us in this worthy pursuit? Will you become a Club Champion?