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Staff Directory

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First Last Email Phone Department
Akeeysha Rodgers-Williams 773.317.5710 Team Leader: Austin
Allison Daze 312.636.2839 Fund Development Manager
Andre Cooper 312.340.4996 Team Leader: By The Hand/Moving Everest
Andrew Hempel 815.575.7690 Team Leader: By The Hand/Moving Everest
Anissa Ortiz 936.230.8526 Team Leader: Altgeld-Murray
Antoine Scott 773.454.9136 Facilities Manager
Anwar Smith 312.860.2731 Managing Director of Operations
Ashley Brown 304.633.8447 Team Leader: Austin
Ben Waterman 630.217.9090 Managing Director of Fund Development
Benjamin Gates 440.563.8329 Team Leader: By The Hand/Moving Everest
Bernadette Ballenger 312.208.6094 Site Director: Austin
Bethany Arvan 312.305.2628 Director of Compassion and Crisis
Briana Williams 224.856.9544 Team Leader: By The Hand/Moving Everest
British Barnes 773.592.3126 Team Leader: Altgeld-Murray
Chandra Washington 773.949.9058 Volunteer Coordinator: Altgeld-Murray
Chantria Morris 708.539.5845 Team Leader: Altgeld-Murray
Chloe Chen 630.863.2597 Strategic Engagement Manager
Chris Ferrill 773.988.5071 CBK Coach: Englewood
Cornell Ferrill 773.559.7944 Team Leader: Englewood
Courtney Underwood 773.203.9799 Senior Manager of Human Resources
Darriah Springfield 214.853.1627 Team Leader: Cabrini-Green
David Pohlmeier 847.756.0946 Director of Communications
Denise Patton 708.299.2280 Team Leader: Altgeld-Murray
Dezsiree Jones 630.886.9973 Site Director: Cabrini-Green
Donnita Travis 312.305.2622 Founder & Executive Director
Dustin Brewer 312.478.4289 Sr. Manager of Volunteer Development
Ed Johnson 312.515.3349 Spiritual Development Specialist: Englewood
Eddie Wilson 773.733.9837 Site Director: Englewood
Elisha Frison 734.864.2038 Team Leader: Cabrini-Green
Elizabeth Cho 254.541.9440 Team Leader: Cabrini-Green
Emanuel Williams 773.870.2129 CBK Coach: Austin
Eric Peng 224.805.3068 Volunteer North/West Regional Manager
EveLyne Pullum 847.489.1489 Volunteer Coordinator: Englewood
Felicia Dennis 872.208.0016 Volunteer Coordinator: By The Hand/Moving Everest
Felix Bunn 773.349.5380 CBK Coach: Altgeld-Murray
Fredrick Wilson 708.595.2558 CBK Coach: Cabrini-Green
Gayinga Washington 773.414.7221 Team Leader: By The Hand/Moving Everest
Gertie Brogsdale 773.419.9586 Reading Specialist: Englewood
Grena Pryor 312.599.8695 Team Leader: By The Hand/Moving Everest
Helen Eng 773.916.6316 Reading Specialist: Cabrini-Green
Jaclyn Latourelle 312.647.0876 Programming Coordinator: Austin
James Marvin Taylor IV 773.524.0962 Team Leader: Austin
Jamie Morriss-Benoit 773.418.7690 Site Director: Altgeld-Murray
Jasmine Jaurigue 847.529.5841 Team Leader: Cabrini-Green
Jeffrey Jamison 773.606.9621 Team Leader: By The Hand/Moving Everest
Jerry Hooks 773.558.3336 Facilities Assistant
Joshua Williams 765.667.8691 Compassion and Crisis Assistant
Joshua Larson 815.298.6934 Team Leader: Englewood
Kandice Jones 708.615.1491 Team Leader: By The Hand/Moving Everest
Kashara Thigpen 773.841.2771 Team Leader: Altgeld-Murray
Kimberly Smith 773.892.2131 Apprentice Team Leader: Englewood
LaKimbra Arrington 312.929.8301 Junior High Program Coordinator
Lamont Washington 773.891.8001 Site Director: By The Hand/Moving Everest
Larvon Birch 312.731.0342 Volunteer Coordinator: Cabrini-Green
Lauren Wolf 805.403.3010 Director of Development
Lawrence Thompson 773.733.1587 Team Leader: Austin
Ledgure Herron 773.584.5124 Team Leader: Englewood
Lydia Wong 717.425.8324 Social Emotional Learning Specialist: By The Hand/Moving Everest
Marc Kole 616.808.6906 Senior Director of Finance
Marilyn Cassells 312.329.0705 Fund Development Coordinator
Markel Anderson 815.614.0821 Team Leader: By The Hand/Moving Everest
Martha Metcalfe 219.798.7643 Senior Reading Specialist
Maurice Reed 708.942.9799 Team Leader: Austin
Megan Harvey 907.978.5007 Fund Development Associate
Megan "Meg" Slama 763.657.6152 Team Leader: Austin
Michael Hoskins 773.629.0454 Team Leader: Englewood
Michael Perreca 631.335.9183 Team Leader: Altgeld-Murray
Michele Hoekstra 708.772.8778 Senior Director of Learning
Michelle Bowen 312.778.2069 Team Leader Apprentice: By The Hand/Moving Everest
Miguel Rodriguez 312.523.5048 Director of Facilities
Mike Feltz 312.320.7191 Senior Manager of Fund Development
Nancy Good 847.421.1576 Director of Fund Development
Omokhosen "Osen" Imoukhuede 773.934.9698 Director of HR and Volunteer Department
Rebecca Bunn Bognet 773.938.0663 Director of High School and College Programming
Richard Johnston 407.733.7021 Team Leader: Cabrini-Green
Robin Tyrrell 224.629.9561 CBK Academic Specialist
Rodney Smith 708.539.2207 Team Leader: By The Hand/Moving Everest
Rodney Williams 708.673.2890 Spiritual Development Specialist: Austin
Rosalyn Overton 847.942.9979 Assistant Site Director: Englewood
Rudy Salt 773.988.0479 Team Leader: Cabrini-Green
Ruth Raickett-Roberts 708.221.9886 Team Leader: Altgeld-Murray
Sara “Sari” Mills 312.497.5484 Compassion and Crisis Specialist
Sarah James 312.515.7772 Senior Program Operations Manager
Shanta Evans 312.305.2630 Team Leader: Englewood
Sherrie Nelson 773.331.8680 Team Leader: By The Hand/Moving Everest
Sparkle Washington 312.636.4387 CBK Activities Coordinator: Cabrini-Green
Susannah Schwarcz-Yount 312.550.3737 Senior Director of Fund Development
Suzette Webb 708.261.3303 Senior Manager of Fund Development
Tabitha Tabb 773.868.7026 Team Leader: Englewood
Talisha Cheeks 773.255.2052 Assistant Site Director: By The Hand/Moving Everest
Tamisha Ballenger 312.956.7383 Team Leader: Altgeld-Murray
Tevin “Tev” Haynes 773.587.2158 Team Leader: Austin
Tiara Wilkinson 202.486.3173 Assistant Site Director: Altgeld-Murray
Tiffany Thompson 405.264.6751 Team Leader: Cabrini-Green
Timothy Hughes 708.745.4382 Volunteer and HR Processing Analyst
Tobi Adewodu 757.309.6248 Volunteer South Regional Manager
Toi Dickson 773.870.1314 Team Leader: Austin
Uyioghosa (James) Ebomoyi 970.397.8142 Team Leader: Cabrini-Green
Valencia Carter Rucker 708.270.4054 CBK Coach: Altgeld-Murray
Veneicia Duckett 630.648.9747 Apprentice Team Leader: Englewood
Victoria Sledge 773.691.5725 CBK Coach: Englewood
Yasenia Roman 773.524.0464 Spiritual Development Manager: By The Hand/Moving Everest

By The Hand Club Locations

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By The Hand—Cabrini-Green: 41.899990, -87.636438
By The Hand—Altgeld-Murray: 41.658582, -87.597521
By The Hand—Austin: 41.888182, -87.754997
By The Hand—Englewood: 41.742544, -87.672646
By The Hand—Moving Everest: 41.888380, -87.755741
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By The Hand—Cabrini-Green
312 West Walton Street, Chicago, IL, 60610
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By The Hand—Altgeld-Murray
13015 S Ellis Ave, Chicago, IL 60827
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By The Hand—Austin
415 N Laramie Ave, Chicago, IL 60644
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By The Hand—Englewood
8301 S. Damen Ave., Chicago, IL 60620
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By The Hand—Moving Everest
416 N Laramie Ave, Chicago, IL 60644