20 Years of Possible
Special Announcement

20th Anniversary Celebration

When God breathed His vision for By The Hand Club into reality 20 years ago, nobody could have imagined the lives transformed, the families changed and the communities impacted. But God did. In the coming weeks, we will begin celebrating 20 Years of Possible. We have so much planned for 2021. You won’t want to miss it!

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You can play a life-changing role for the kids in Chicago’s under-resourced neighborhoods. When you help our kids become the solution, you help them rise above violence and poverty. You help them have new and abundant life.

I am the Solution.

Meet Georsaé. Her success deserves celebration. She is one of more than 1,600 students By The Hand is serving this year. When our kids excel in school and life, they have the potential to change both Chicago and the world.

Loving and nurturing the whole child.




When you make The Solution possible, you make sure our kids can read at grade level—the number one predictor of academic success. You help them learn at an accelerated rate—with personalized academic support and technology-enabled instruction. You help them enroll and excel at Chicago’s best and most competitive high schools. And eventually, become college graduates.

Our Kids

When you make The Solution possible, you help children feel secure and welcomed during the most dangerous time of day, when most crimes are committed against youth. You break down barriers to learning by providing nutritious meals, comprehensive healthcare and professional counseling. And you give them the gift of wonderful experiences such as summer camps, sports and art.

Our Kids

When you make The Solution possible, you help kids have abundant life—life found only in Jesus. You help them understand just how much God loves them. That he has a unique plan for their lives. And you make it possible for them to get spiritual guidance and personal mentoring from caring and involved adults—who will help them make wise decisions for the future.

Our Kids

Transforming Lives

Together, we can reach kids in critical need of intervention and make it possible for them to experience abundant life.


By The Hand currently serves 1,660 children, but many more are in need of intervention. And the window of time we have to reach them is narrow. But you can help a child have abundant life—right now. No matter the amount, every gift makes The Solution possible.



Looking for a cause to support—individually, or as a group? You can start a fundraiser by hosting an event, creating a challenge, or pledging your birthday. There are many ways to raise funds for By The Hand and each helps a child have abundant, eternal life.



When you volunteer to make The Solution possible, you fill a special need. You are the one feeding the children, teaching them about the Lord, and helping them succeed in school and in life. There are many opportunities to get involved—perhaps in a neighborhood near you.



Whether you’re giving, fundraising, volunteering, or praying, it’s good to know you’re making a difference that will last for generations. Connect with us through social media or subscribe to our newsletter to stay informed about how you can help make The Solution possible.


Keep Love Moving

As we address the racial inequities exposed by COVID-19 and other recent events, we want to thank you for your prayers and support for our children. There is no more important time for us to keep love moving.