12th Annual Spring Benefit raises more than $2.3 million

April 20, 2017

More than $2.3 Million Generously Given

For all of you who attended the 12th Annual By The Hand Club For Kids Spring Benefit, thank you! Your presence was an encouragement as we help our kids discover and pursue their God-given dreams, just as others have helped us.

We are thrilled to announce that more than $2.3 million was raised in donations and pledges during the Spring Benefit. At this very hour, these gifts are enabling By The Hand to literally and figuratively take 1,300 kids by the hand and walk alongside them, from the time they enroll in our program until they’re adults walking on their own.

You’ve heard that “there are a thousand forests in one acorn.” Likewise, your investment through By The Hand will not only lead to a harvest of dreams in our children’s lives, but in the lives of others for generations to come.

Whether you are seeing for the first time, sharing with a friend or viewing again, please enjoy the photos and videos from the Spring Benefit.

On behalf of our kids, thank you!