We are a Christ-centered, after-school program that takes kids by the hand and walks with them through college, helping them have abundant life—mind, body and soul.

Taking Kids by the Hand

From the time they enroll in our program until they’re walking independently as well-adjusted, responsible adults, our mission is to literally and figuratively take our kids by the hand and walk alongside them. We tutor them to academic excellence. We mentor them to make wise, life-defining decisions. And we care for them as our own, meeting their basic nutritional and healthcare needs.

Loving the Whole Child—Mind, Body and Soul

Ever since By The Hand began in 2001, we have always emphasized a holistic approach to child development. We begin by helping kids feel loved and significant by providing a safe learning environment during the most dangerous time of day—the after-school hours, when more crimes are committed by and against youth than any other time.