By The Hand received record results in 2017-2018.



Passed all classes

84% passed all of their classes. 1% decrease from 85% (Q1-Q4)

Made all ABCs

63% made all ABCs. 3% increase from 61% (Q1-Q4)

Average GPA (out of 4.0)

2.76 Average GPA. 2% decrease from 2.82 (Q1-Q4)


Hot, nutritious meal

100% offered a hot, nutritious meal each day

Dental checkups and cleaning

100% received dental checkups and cleaning (410 received advanced care with fillings or root canals)

Eye exams

100% received eye exams (483 received eyeglasses)


Have professed faith

83% professed faith. 6% decrease from 88% (Q1-Q4)

Attended church

31% attended church. 55% increase from 20% (Q1-Q4)

Club attendance and retention from Q1 to Q4

Reasons for disenrollment: Low attendance, 37%; moved or changed schools, 24%; behavior, 10%; summer loss, 12%; all other reasons, 17%

Technology-enabled, blended learning program

(Lexia Reading Core5) 2017-2018

Matriculation Rates

High school freshmen who graduated from high school*

* CPS neighborhood-zoned high schools for our clubs

High school graduates who enrolled in college

Matriculation rates since By The Hand first had college students (2008*– 2018)

* First year By The Hand students matriculated to college
‡ Enrolled in a college, university or certified technical school
† High school freshman who enrolled in college

BTH Matriculation Rates: 2018

* 2018 high school graduates who enrolled or are in the process of enrolling in a college, university or certified technical school

Economic Impact of Harvesting Dreams

The U.S. Census Bureau estimates that on average a person with a bachelor’s degree will earn $2.4M over the course of 40 years—more than twice what he or she would earn with just a high school diploma. In contrast, every high school dropout who enters a life of crime and drugs costs society $2.1M over his or her lifetime.

For every child, this represents a total ROI of $4.5M on $107,100 invested over 17 years. And this doesn’t include the “compounding” effect of generations to come.