By The Hand received record results in 2015-2016.



Passed All of Their Classes

84% passed all classes (2% increase) from 82% (Q1-Q4)

Made all ABCs

62% made all ABCs (15% increase) from 54% (Q1-Q4)

Average GPA (out of 4.0)

2.83 Average Overall GPA (2% increase) from 2.76 (Q1-Q4)


Offered a Hot, Nutritious Meal Each Day


Up to date on physicals and immunizations


Received eye exams (202 received eyeglasses)


Received dental exams and cleaning (356 received fillings or root canals)



Have professed faith

84% professed faith (8% increase) from 78% (Q1-Q4)

Attended church

32% attended church (14% increase) from 28% (Q1-Q4)

Club attendance and retention from Q1-Q4

Reasons for disenrollment: Low attendance, 31%; moved, 27%; behavior, 23%; other reasons, 19%

Technology-enabled, blended learning program

Grade levels gained (2015-2016)

Matriculation Rates since the first By The Hand college students (2008* – 2016)

*First year By The Hand students matriculated to college

High school freshmen who graduated from high school

†CPS African-American students in 2016

High school graduates who enrolled in college

‡Enrolled in degree college or certification technical schools
§42% overall; 34% for African-American males

Matriculation Rates

*2016 high school graduates who enrolled in a college, university or certified technical school

Economic Impact OF 42 Kids

The US Census Bureau estimates that a person with a bachelor’s degree will earn $2 million over the course of 40 years–or 83 percent more than a person with just a high school diploma. In contrast, every high school dropout who enters a life of crime and drugs costs society $2.1 million.