Helping kids in critical need of intervention have new and abundant life.


Reaching Kids Who Are In Critical Need Of Intervention

By The Hand is committed to serving children from the most under-resourced, dangerous neighborhoods. We work closely with school principals to identify those who are most likely to drop out—those who are failing and in critical need of intervention. Typically, they are not meeting reading standards and they often have significant hardships that require special attention to overcome. It is our vision to help each one of these children experience abundant and everlasting life.

Helping the most unlikely kids experience extraordinary transformation

By The Hand began in 2001 with 16 children from Cabrini-Green. Since then, we have witnessed transformation within the lives of our kids—and as an organization. This year we are serving 1,523 kids from Cabrini-Green, Altgeld-Murray, Austin and Englewood. God willing, we will add other locations to serve nearly 2,000 kids by the year 2020, helping the lowest-performing kids from each neighborhood succeed in school—and life.