Champion our students.

Every day at By The Hand, we champion the big potential and big dreams of our kids. We’re helping knock down barriers to learning, tending to their physical well-being and nurturing spiritual growth. Our kids are excelling through our holistic care! But we can’t do it alone. Your partnership as a Club Champion means that our kids are able to look ahead and dream of a future that is as bright as they are.

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Meet Zarria.
She is The Solution.

When Zarria started with By The Hand in fifth grade, she was determined to improve her reading skills. Her determination—coupled with the help and resources we provide at By The Hand—were a winning combination! She’s now reading at the same level as her peers and inspiring her classmates. Walking alongside our kids—mind, body and soul—makes a bright future possible. And that’s why we believe kids like Zarria are The Solution for Chicago!



Meet Julie.
A Club Champion!

Two years ago, Julie participated in a peer led fundraiser for By The Hand. Through this event she biked across Chicago to each By The Hand club location where she met some of our kids and staff, and learned how kids are being transformed through the work at By The Hand. What she saw inspired her to get involved! Julie is especially excited that each child hears about God’s love and forgiveness in Christ.

Students receive life-changing holistic care at By The Hand because generous friends like Julie give each month as Club Champions. Julie and the rest of the Club Champions are championing our kids—mind, body and soul—and they are thriving!


Julie, Club Champion



87% of High School Graduates Enrolled in College


100% of Students Received Daily Warm and Nutritious Meals


83% of Students Professed Faith in Jesus

You have a part to play.

Our kids need more friends like you who champion their big dreams and potential. As a Club Champion, you’ll play an important role in their development and future! Your consistent monthly support provides stability: financial stability needed to keep our programs going as well as the steady hope our kids need to pursue the bright future of their dreams.

Become a Club Champion today to play a major role in the life of our kids! Giving $20 or more a month makes it possible for more than 1,500 kids to receive our holistic care. Your commitment helps provide personalized educational support, spiritual mentoring, nutritious meals, health services (like eye and dental exams), safe transportation to and from the club, and much more. Champion our kids today!


Your Club Champion gift of $20 or more a month invests in academic support, spiritual and emotional nurturing, and health services.

Your $20 commitment champions one student’s big dreams and potential with…

  • eight meals a month
  • two weeks of safe passage transportation per month
  • one enrichment activity each month
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Grant and Laura Emily and Mark Julie Kelly and Keith

Why I’m a Club Champion.

“By The Hand gives students hope, walks alongside them, and equips them as they chase opportunities for their dreams to come true.”

Grant and Laura, Club Champions

“While By The Hand provides excellent after-school services, what truly sets them apart is their commitment to sharing the Gospel and love of Jesus Christ with each student who walks through their doors. What’s even more amazing is that this commitment goes beyond the students to the donors, volunteers, city officials, and everyone in between.”

Mark and Emily, Club Champions

“I believe in the work By The Hand does. They are investing in Chicago’s future by loving, caring for, and teaching students…. By The Hand does this by caring for students, body, mind and soul. By being a Club Champion, I can empower this to keep happening!”

Julie, Club Champion

“When I heard about By The Hand, I remember being awestruck by what the organization was accomplishing. I love their mission, how they pursue excellence, and how they care for the whole person. I love how they are helping kids achieve academic goals and setting them up not just for now, but also for the future.”

Join The Solution to help children in Chicago’s under-resourced neighborhoods have abundant life.