Change for Change

You can play a life-changing role in solving the violence and disparity in Chicago. When we love and nourish children—mind, body and soul—we can raise up healthy, educated and hopeful young people in the very Chicago neighborhoods where change is direly needed.

Each class’s goal is to raise $250


For more than 15 years By The Hand has literally taken more than 4,000 kids by the hand, starting in kindergarten, and walked with them all the way through college.

During October and November of 2018, the kids at By The Hand are learning the impact of giving and that they, too, can change their community with their time, talents and finances—big or small. Support each team of 22 kids at By The Hand Club as they seek to raise a total of $250 before November 30.

You can change Chicago kids’ lives with your gift.

Together, we are the solution.