Six Principles Consultant Evaluation

How would you rate the following?

1. The consultant was personable, friendly, and easy to work with.
2. The consultant demonstrated a clear understanding of our needs.
3. The consultant was available and accessible when needed.
4. The consultant demonstrated practical knowledge and experience in his/her areas of expertise.
5. The consultant actively contributed to meeting discussions.
6. The consultant’s presentations were stimulating and thought-provoking.
7. The consultant’s presentations were well organized, clear, and jargon-free.
8. The consultant followed through on decisions made, at meetings or other project correspondence.
9. The consultant demonstrated a professional appreciation of the problems that arose.
10. The consultant provided creative solutions or alternatives to challenging issues.
11. The project deliverables were completed satisfactorily.
12. The completed project was personally beneficial to me as a stakeholder.
13. The completed project was beneficial and will move our organization forward to further growth.