Dr. Sarah Reeb Memorial Scholarship Fund

Dr Sarah Reeb

By The Hand Club For Kids has set up the Dr. Sarah Reeb Memorial Scholarship Fund in honor of Sarah’s heart to serve children. Dr. Sarah Reeb was a beloved wife, daughter, sister, and friend. She was very active in her Chicago community both educationally and spiritually.

In June 2015, Sarah was posthumously awarded her doctorate in Clinical Psychology from DePaul University in Chicago where she focused her dissertation on “Examining Parent-Child Relationships on Emotional Reactivity and Depressive Symptoms Among Low-Income Urban Youth: Peer Attachment and Gender Moderation Effects.” With her studies, Sarah regularly worked with local Chicago public schools to help children identify and adapt to issues that they may have been facing.

The goal of this scholarship is to provide ongoing funds to serve at least two children a year (approximately $13,000 per year), providing them help to succeed in all aspects of life; faith, school, and home. The scholarship will be focused on helping children who have psychological needs, coinciding with Sarah’s passion and purpose to help those psychologically who don’t necessarily have the means to seek assistance for themselves.

By donating to this fund, you are helping children grow closer to God, establish healthy learning habits, and set them on a course for a successful life. You will also receive yearly updates on the children selected for the scholarship and can see for yourself how they are growing in their lives.

If you would like to donate to the Dr. Sarah Reeb Memorial Scholarship Fund and bless the children of Chicago, please click the “Give Now” button below. Please type in the notes section Dr. Sarah Reeb Memorial Scholarship Fund. Thank You!