Become a Club Champion.

Our kids have big dreams and big potential. And the steady support of our Club Champions helps them to become even more than they ever imagined! By committing to give monthly, Club Champions help provide the holistic care today that nurtures each child’s unlimited potential for tomorrow. Together, we can champion the dreams our kids have for a bright future—and see them come to life!

Together, we can ignite the Power of One.

It takes the support of many people to provide the intensive wraparound services that our children need. Giving monthly provides the financial stability to take our children by the hand—from kindergarten through college. It makes an eternal difference in their lives.


Sites in four of Chicago’s most under-resourced neighborhoods

more than 1,700

More than 1,700 young children you are loving—mind, body and soul—this year


76% of high school graduates who enrolled in college in 2023

Changing lives

Our kids often face significant challenges. But with caring adults who come alongside them at different times and in many different ways, and the generous support of many, our kids are graduating from high school, attending college and becoming tomorrow’s leaders.


Making a Lasting Difference

When you use your Power of One, you are part of what God is doing in the lives of our kids. You make it possible for them to become educated, healthy and hopeful young adults walking with the Lord. As such, you have an eternal impact.

Fourth Grade—North Austin

Jackie, a rising fourth grader from North Austin, only recently started attending By The Hand Club, where she was introduced to God for the very first time.

Ninth Grade—Englewood

Ra’Shad is a standout student. But that wasn’t always the case. In grade school, Ra’Shad didn’t always see the point of trying.

Tenth Grade—Austin

Alena, a tenth grader from Austin, brings the joy wherever she goes. “I want to be inspiring. I want to spread love. I want to lift those around me. And I want people to see more for themselves.”

Our Commitment to You

When you become a Club Champion, you can expect regular updates about how your gifts are making the Power of One possible. We greatly appreciate your ongoing support and want you to know about the extraordinary strides our kids make as a result of your generosity.

Sharing is Caring

Another way of supporting By The Hand is by helping us get the word out about the Power of One and how others can help make it possible. You can do this through social media, word of mouth, or directing others to our fundraiser campaigns. There are many ways to be a champion for our kids!

Grant and Laura Emily and Mark Julie Kelly and Keith

Why I’m a Club Champion.

“By The Hand gives students hope, walks alongside them, and equips them as they chase opportunities for their dreams to come true.”

Grant and Laura, Club Champions

“While By The Hand provides excellent after-school services, what truly sets them apart is their commitment to sharing the Gospel and love of Jesus Christ with each student who walks through their doors. What’s even more amazing is that this commitment goes beyond the students to the donors, volunteers, city officials, and everyone in between.”

Mark and Emily, Club Champions

“I believe in the work By The Hand does. They are investing in Chicago’s future by loving, caring for, and teaching students…. By The Hand does this by caring for students, body, mind and soul. By being a Club Champion, I can empower this to keep happening!”

Julie, Club Champion

“When I heard about By The Hand, I remember being awestruck by what the organization was accomplishing. I love their mission, how they pursue excellence, and how they care for the whole person. I love how they are helping kids achieve academic goals and setting them up not just for now, but also for the future.”

Keith and Kelly, Club Champions


We appreciate your commitment to helping kids from Chicago’s underserved neighborhoods have abundant life. Check out our FAQ to learn more about supporting our students or connect with us.