After a brief hiatus, TCW’s 100 Women feature was revived three years ago. Between 100 WOMEN MAKING A DIFFERENCE in July 2011, 100 WOMEN TO WATCH in 2012 and 100 WOMEN OF INSPIRATION in 2013, these lists of intelligent, powerful, hardworking women generated a big buzz around town. We featured diverse groups from a variety of professions, including arts, education, finance, government, healthcare, philanthropy and more. This year, we’ve assembled a list of 100 WOMEN OF INSPIRATION – ladies from the Chicago area who’ve done incredible work in their personal and/or professional lives. You’ll recognize familiar faces from previous 100 Women lists and new women we haven’t yet featured. Due to space constraints, we’ve only printed portions of their bios, but their inspiring contributions go far beyond what’s listed here. And although we’ve omitted some women who are, indeed, inspirational, we limited our selection to 100.