Like many of the kids in By The Hand, Sacha grew up on the South Side of Chicago – in Roseland and Hyde Park. She has a passion for seeing students across our city thrive and surpass their own expectations. As a young community leader and finance professional, Sacha was looking to solve some of the city’s challenges when she attended a volunteer fair at Wells Fargo. “I completely stumbled upon By The Hand, but after I spoke with a staff member about its mission, kids and calling to the community, I knew the connection was ordained by God. It was a clear sign that I needed to be involved in what He was doing through the organization.”

Sacha is part of the By The Hand Young Professionals Board. The board’s purpose is to raise organizational awareness and financial support so By The Hand can serve children in four of Chicago’s most under-resourced neighborhoods. To help them have abundant life, By The Hand takes them by the hand and walks with them from the time they enroll in the program through college.

If we have the resources, why not give to an organization that puts actions behind their words?

As a member of the Young Professionals Board, Sacha’s belief is, “By The Hand heavily counts on funds from the public to truly meet each child’s needs. Every $6,500 that we raise enables By The Hand to enroll a new student into the program for the year, and it completely transforms their lives and impacts their community. We want to enroll as many kids as possible not only because they deserve it, but also because we could be supporting the next global scientist, Fortune 500 CEO, mayor of Chicago or astronaut. Their background and the circumstances they were born into should not determine their access to resources, education and mentorship. Reaching out to help our future generation of leaders is vital. They are the ones who will renew their communities and, ultimately, the city of Chicago. If we have the resources, why not give to an organization that puts actions behind their words? I couldn’t be more proud of By The Hand and elated to be a part of this astounding move of God.”

“And I absolutely love the community that the board provides for young Christian professionals in the city. Personally, it has given me a place to have important conversations about what it means to be a believer at work. I now have a cohort of like-minded peers who are navigating faith in their professional environments while having a heart to change the city for the better.”

Sacha is making it possible for our students to be The Solution to Chicago’s greatest needs.


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Since connecting with By The Hand, Sacha sensed God’s call to serve as a congressional fellow in Washington, DC. Trusting Him, she accepted the post, leaving behind the financial security of being a senior financial analyst. But while it changed her income and physical location, it did not change her commitment to giving monthly and sacrificially—nor her passion for serving under-resourced communities and giving back.

“There are lots of organizations, but there are tangible results from By The Hand. Our policy of accepting any student who commits to regularly showing up after school for homework help, mentorship and meals resonates with me. It’s a blessing to be part of the organization that inherently believes in the kids and doesn’t require anything but their commitment to show up.”

“Giving to By The Hand has been fulfilling. I love seeing kids achieve more than they ever dreamed possible. This is only possible with God’s blessing and people who believe that giving is part of the solution.”

Every supporter and every volunteer is part of The Solution.

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There is no better time to support Chicago’s children. Every dollar between now and December 31, 2018 will be doubled, thanks to a matching gift!

This means your gift will have twice the impact in the lives of children who are in critical need of intervention. When you give, you are part of a community of staff, volunteers, supporters and prayer warriors whose mission it is to help children from under-resourced neighborhoods experience abundant life.

And there’s no greater experience than transforming a child’s life.

$30 – a day of meals for 12 students
$90 – exams and eyeglasses for 24 students
$240 – a day of transportation for 96 students
$3,250 – a full year at By The Hand for one student


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