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Our kids are fueled by the Power of One. You can be the One to make a difference.


With God’s transforming power and the many people who come alongside our kids at different times in different ways, our kids are making tremendous strides. They are succeeding in school—and life. We invite you to take a moment to listen to our students tell their stories in their own words. Their words are better than ours.

Chakola’s Transformation

Jamarion’s Journey

Sam and Azariah’s Story

Eleventh Grade—Austin

Sariyah started at By The Hand Club when she was just a first grader. Now, as a successful high school student, she’s confident in her plans for her future. She’s thankful to be a part of By The Hand. “I love being here. I love learning more about God.”

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Fifth Grade—Moving Everest

Ashtyn may only be in fifth grade, but he’s already acquiring tools that will propel him into a successful life. Ashtyn meets with Social Emotional Learning Specialist, Daniel Bell, where he’s scaffolding new skills, starting with increasing his own self-awareness.

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Fourth Grade—North Austin

Fourth-grade Sofia didn’t know much about God before starting at By The Hand. She questioned if He was real and felt indifferent about including Him into her life. But once she began attending By The Hand—North Austin, her heart shifted.

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Kindergarten—North Austin

This mighty young boy is extraordinary and his growth in Lexia is already impressing his teachers.

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Fourth Grade—Moving Everest

Josiah had incredible growth in Lexia this past year. As a second grader, he started off reading at the first-grade level—but grew to finish the year reading at the fifth-grade level!

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Fourth Grade—North Austin

Jackie, a rising fourth grader from North Austin, only recently started attending By The Hand Club, where she was introduced to God for the very first time.

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Ninth Grade—Englewood

Ra’Shad is a standout student. But that wasn’t always the case. In grade school, Ra’Shad didn’t always see the point of trying.

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Tenth Grade—Austin

Alena, a tenth grader from Austin, brings the joy wherever she goes. “I want to be inspiring. I want to spread love. I want to lift those around me. And I want people to see more for themselves.”

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Seventh Grade—Moving Everest

“Mr. Michael always reminds me, ‘You are good. You have a good heart.’”

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