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Fourth Grade—North Austin

Jackie, a rising fourth grader from North Austin, only recently started attending By The Hand Club, where she was introduced to God for the very first time.

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Ninth Grade—Englewood

Ra’Shad is a standout student. But that wasn’t always the case. In grade school, Ra’Shad didn’t always see the point of trying.

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Tenth Grade—Austin

Alena, a tenth grader from Austin, brings the joy wherever she goes. “I want to be inspiring. I want to spread love. I want to lift those around me. And I want people to see more for themselves.”

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Seventh Grade—Moving Everest

“Mr. Michael always reminds me, ‘You are good. You have a good heart.’”

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“When it came to schoolwork, yes, they helped me improve my grades, but more than that, they helped me want it for myself.”

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Jermisha was destined to be a successful student.

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Seventh Grade—Cabrini-Green

By The Hand was the first place Anias learned about Jesus.

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Twelfth Grade—Altgeld-Murray

Mykiara joined By The Hand as an 8th grader. Now, a senior from Altgeld, she is looking forward to her future.

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Seventh Grade—Altgeld-Murray

Lashawn, a seventh-grader at the Altgeld site, is thankful for the leaders at By The Hand Club. He says, “Ms. Anissa encouraged me to get involved with choir.

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