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Seventh Grade—Cabrini-Green

By The Hand was the first place Anias learned about Jesus.

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Twelfth Grade—Altgeld-Murray

Mykiara joined By The Hand as an 8th grader. Now, a senior from Altgeld, she is looking forward to her future.

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Seventh Grade—Altgeld-Murray

Lashawn, a seventh-grader at the Altgeld site, is thankful for the leaders at By The Hand Club. He says, “Ms. Anissa encouraged me to get involved with choir.

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Fourth Grade—Moving Everest

Coby, a fourth grader from Moving Everest, is a mighty young man with a big heart.

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Sixth Grade—Moving Everest

When Dame’nique started at By The Hand, she remembers, “I was so shy and didn’t really talk to anyone.”

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Eighth Grade—Cabrini-Green

“Lyla loves By The Hand. It has provided her a safe place to avoid the violence of her neighborhood.

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Fifth Grade—Moving Everest

When M‘Kyla Harris started with By The Hand in the first grade, she has never heard of God’s love for her. M‘Kyla’s love for God began to grow when she was first exposed to chapel services, held every Thursday (which she now claims as her favorite day of the week).

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Third Grade—Moving Everest

When Ta’Liya first started with By The Hand, she was withdrawn and shy. She rarely smiled. Sadly, Ta’Liya’s demeanor affected her ability to participate in the classroom and engage with her peers.

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Second Grade—Moving Everest

Children express a wide array of emotions as they discover and respond to the world around them. Some of our children have difficulty processing those emotions. That’s what we saw with Pierre.

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