Fifth Grade—Moving Everest

Walking alongside our kids—mind, body and soul—makes a bright future possible. Big things happen when we champion children like Zarria, because they are The Solution for our city!

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Tenth Grade—Austin

Kids who cannot read at grade level by the time they are in fourth grade are four times as likely to drop out of school—eight times if they are a minority growing up in under-resourced neighborhoods. Fortunately, Jakyra was recommended to By The Hand when she was in fourth grade.

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Tenth Grade—Austin

The transformation in Georsaé since she joined By The Hand in fourth grade is amazing. And so is what divine and human love can do in the life of a child when you are willing to make The Solution possible.

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Fourth Grade—Altgeld-Murray

When Semaj first joined By The Hand, he struggled with anger. But now he’s helping other kids through their anger. That’s what happens when you help make The Solution possible.

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Ninth Grade—Altgeld-Murray

“The first vehicle I ever drove was an airplane.” But that’s what Jamarion said after a life-changing experience, thanks to people like you who are making it possible for him to pursue his God-given dream.

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Seventh Grade—Cabrini-Green

As Mia learns to trust God with her problems and feelings, she is encouraging others to do their best so they can succeed. At a young age, she is The Solution that Chicago needs. Starting your fundraising event for By The Hand makes The Solution possible.

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College Freshman—Austin

There is no greater investment than to help a kid like Tamera experience abundant and everlasting life. When you volunteer with By The Hand, you help make The Solution possible.

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Twelfth Grade—Austin

After tragedy struck, James received the encouragement and support he needed to find his voice and keep his dream alive. When you give to By The Hand, you’re helping James and others become The Solution.

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Second Grade—Cabrini-Green

For many kids, visual factors are the primary cause of reading failure among beginning readers in school. Fortunately, this is no longer the case for Na’riya. When you are a Club Champion, you make The Solution possible.

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