By The Hand helps him harness his curiosity and energy for good. With a quick mind and a quick wit, Coby is interested in almost everything. Which is one reason he loves coming to By The Hand. “It is so fun here because we get to do so many activities.” One favorite moment was acting out a play, “I got to be David in the story of David and Goliath. Doing plays about the Bible helps me learn and remember the stories.” He is discovering big truths about God’s character. “Now I know that anything is possible if you believe in God. Even things that seem impossible. God can do it.”

Coby also loves getting to do hard work. “I am really smart and a fast learner. So, I like when By The Hand lets me do 6th grade work.” He added with a smirk, “Even though I’m only in fourth grade!” But it’s not just the activities and learning that are making a big difference in his life. He is making good friends and he has leaders on whom he can depend. Coby explained, “Mr. Ryan always listens to me. When I’m upset, he’s patient. He asks good questions. He knows that I tell the truth, most of time. So, we trust each other.” Mr. Ryan has encouraged Coby to consider the impact he can have on others, “I learned this at By The Hand, and now I try to remind my friends: ‘It’s not big to make others feel small.’ So I stand by my friends and encourage them, even when others don’t.”