Though DeAndre is in middle school now, he began at By The Hand as a kindergartner. He recalls, “My mom brought me and I loved it right away.” Over the years he’s found By The Hand to be a safe place, saying, “It’s a good place for kids to be. They help us with homework. And they teach us about God. It’s like school mixed with Bible study.” But for DeAndre, the best part is the people. He expounds, “Mr. Lamont gets us to work hard. He makes it fun, too. With parties and activities. Without him, it wouldn’t be as good.” DeAndre adds, “And Mr. Michael. I learn a lot of good things from him. About God’s forgiveness. About grace. About how to trust.” Mr. Michael has helped DeAndre’s view of God, but also his view of himself. “Mr. Michael always reminds me, ‘You are good. You have a good heart.’” Powerful words DeAndre will always carry.