But what’s even more impressive is that D’Mario did so well considering his reading tests placed him several levels below the norm! D’Mario was already a bright student who would excel even more once his reading skills caught up.

Over the next two years at By The Hand, D’Mario practiced reading concepts and skills, working regularly with our reading specialist and staff members. D’Mario is now in seventh grade, and his signature motivation and work ethic led him to complete an entire year of his reading program in a matter of months—in the middle of the pandemic! A recent reading assessment shows his hard work has paid off. He’s closed that multi-grade reading deficit and is now reading two levels beyond his grade. It’s truly incredible!

Progress like this confirms our mission at By The Hand Club For Kids: With the right support and tools, anything is possible for our students! They are the Power of One our city needs for a bright future. But they cannot do it without you! Your support through By The Hand makes all the difference.