In fourth grade, Georsaé’s school counselor and grandmother referred her to By The Hand. Initially, Georsaé wouldn’t talk to anyone. Her first impression was By The Hand was huge. Having lost her mother to sickness and her brother to gun violence, she was a child in critical need of intervention.

By The Hand helped Goersaé learn that God loves her and still had a plan for her life. She also received the love and nurturing every child needs—and the individual attention and support she needed.

Now, as a tenth grader, Georsaé’s entire demeanor has been transformed. She is smiling a lot, more open than ever, and enjoying her By The Hand family. “By The Hand welcomed me, inspired me and motivated me. And we have fun.”

Georsaé is hopeful for the future—and passionate about staying connected with God. Bible class is one of her favorite activities, along with Alpha time and gym time. School is still hard, but while not giving up had been one of her biggest challenges, she is more motivated now.

When she grows up, Georsaé wants to be a teacher, a hairstylist and a mentor. “I use my Power of One to help and motivate others.” And whenever you help By The Hand, you are helping to make it possible.