Jackie, a rising fourth grader from North Austin, only recently started attending By The Hand Club, where she was introduced to God for the very first time. Through the gentle encouragement of her leaders, regular chapel and ongoing bible studies, Jackie quickly found God to be trustworthy, saving and good. Jackie’s tender heart toward the things of God is clear as she describes what she has discovered, “At By The Hand I learned that God wants to be close to me. That’s why He sent Jesus to save me. And I can trust God because he loves me.”

Jackie has also experienced kindness and care from her leaders. “Miss Yasenia is there for me. She helps me when I am feeling sad. She reminds me that God is there for me, too.” Jackie is learning more about the character of God through the faithful leaders showing her love and care at By The Hand Club.

Not only that, but Jackie has received support as she learns to speak, read and write in English. With a joyful and helpful heart, she acts as the non-official club translator, helping people communicate between English and Spanish. She has seen remarkable growth in her language acquisition during her time in club.

Jackie’s wisdom exceeds her young age. Her plan: “I want to help others, the way God helps others. Feed hungry people and help the poor. I want to help solve those problems for all people.” Jackie has experienced the life-changing presence of God. And she wants to share it with everyone she meets. “I want to make sure as many people know about God, so He can help them when they are sad. And they can know they have a choice for their life. They don’t have to choose a bad path. They can choose a good path. A God path.”