She knows that the love and support she received from her leaders at By The Hand helped her along in her journey. She explains, “They take us on trips to see new things. They take us on college visits.” She added, “They help keep me out of trouble by helping me stay on track. I feel good when I come here. Because they can help me get my mind off things that get me down.” One person, specifically, has made an enormous impact on Mykiara. “Ms. Davina is always there for me. She has helped me get through a lot.” Mykiara wasn’t turning work in and began to fall behind in most of her classes. But Ms. Davina provided consistent tutoring and check-ins. Knowing she was accountable to someone who believed she could do it, motivated Mykiara to work hard. She began turning her work in early and getting good grades. She says, “I started to feel great. So great, that I just couldn’t give up. So, I kept pushing myself. Why stop now?” Ms. Davina also helped Mykiara find a job to help keep her busy. But encouragement to work hard at school and work hard at her job wasn’t the end of Ms. Davina’s impact. “She lifted me through support and prayer during a family loss. She prays and helps me problem solve anything I am facing.” Mykiara no longer thinks about giving up when things are hard. She has a cheerleader and mentor who pushes her to keep going to matter what. And who reminds her that everything is possible. A reminder that will serve her well as she graduates and pursues her dream of studying early education.