Na`riya wants to be a spying ninja because “they have cool weapons and can defend themselves.” But if she can’t, then she’d settle for being a spy for the CIA. She enjoys wearing her summer dress and rolling around in the grass. And she likes her new glasses. “Without my glasses, I wouldn’t have been able to do so well in school because I used to spend a lot of time squinting.”

Thanks to Club Champions like James and Eva, it was possible for Na`riya to receive her first pair of glasses from By The Hand. “We love how By The Hand does a great job of showing God’s love. By The Hand doesn’t only help with schoolwork, but also provides food, safety and basic healthcare for kids in need.”

By giving every month, Club Champions make it possible for By The Hand to love and nurture kids like Na`riya. As a result, she is enjoying reading on the computer with Lexia and learning about Jesus during Bible study. “I like learning good things, like everyone is created equal. To me that means we have to treat people equally. We are also learning that when you do things right, you are a part of The Solution.”

James and Eva love being part of The Solution. “We both work fulltime so we don’t have as much time to give back to the community as we’d like, but giving monthly lets us be part of what By The Hand is doing without physically being there. By the Hand provides fabulous mentors for kids who really need it, and we are thankful to be able to support that.”

Approximately 80 percent of all learning during a child’s first 12 years comes through vision. Since she’s received her glasses, she has made the honor roll all four quarters. She also participated in Codeverse, a 3-month coding class where she is already learning how to write code. No wonder she is looking forward to second grade.

Na’riya is The Solution. And giving makes it possible.