Six Principles Board Survey (for individual)

How would you rate yourself as a board member, in the following areas?

1. I understand the practical differences between governance and management.
2. I’m laser focused on big picture, fundamental and mission-based issues.
3. I’m engaged in high-level, authentic and generative discussions during board meetings.
4. I avoid or curtail discussions that are operative and procedural.
5. I recognize that the board has one employee, the CEO.
6. When I interact with staff, I understand and respect the boundaries between board and staff.
7. I recognize that the CEO has one employer, the board as a whole, and therefore I do not exercise an uneven level of power and influence on the board.
8. I fully understand my role and expectations as a board member.
9. (If on a committee) As a committee or task-force member I feel actively engaged and have clear expectations.
10. I understand and advocate for the board-CEO partnership, as it is a key success factor in the organization’s success.
11. I make an annual contribution to the organization at a level I feel satisfaction.
12. I feel passionate and engaged as a board member.