With God’s transforming power and the many people who come alongside our kids at different times in different ways, our kids are making tremendous strides. They are succeeding in school—and life.

Fourth Grade—Moving Everest

Coby, a fourth grader from Moving Everest, is a mighty young man with a big heart.

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Sixth Grade—Moving Everest

When Dame’nique started at By The Hand, she remembers, “I was so shy and didn’t really talk to anyone.”

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Eighth Grade—Cabrini-Green

“Lyla loves By The Hand. It has provided her a safe place to avoid the violence of her neighborhood.

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Fifth Grade—Moving Everest

When M‘Kyla Harris started with By The Hand in the first grade, she has never heard of God’s love for her. M‘Kyla’s love for God began to grow when she was first exposed to chapel services, held every Thursday (which she now claims as her favorite day of the week).

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Our students are the future—of Chicago and the rest of the world! Learn how they’re flourishing—mind, body, soul.

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Third Grade—Moving Everest

When Ta’Liya first started with By The Hand, she was withdrawn and shy. She rarely smiled. Sadly, Ta’Liya’s demeanor affected her ability to participate in the classroom and engage with her peers.

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Second Grade—Moving Everest

Children express a wide array of emotions as they discover and respond to the world around them. Some of our children have difficulty processing those emotions. That’s what we saw with Pierre.

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Seventh Grade—Austin

D’Mario was in fourth grade when he started with By The Hand Club For Kids. We were impressed with his grades—he was earning all As, Bs, and Cs!

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Tenth Grade—Austin

Keith who is currently a sophomore in high school received the chance to be a part of the inaugural cohort of Austin Harvest – a youth-led open-air fresh market that provides produce to the Austin neighborhood and is committed to growing the community through fresh food.

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Sixth Grade—Moving Everest

Walking alongside our kids—mind, body and soul—makes a bright future possible. Big things happen when we champion children like Zarria, because they are the Power of One for our city!

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Eleventh Grade—Austin

Kids who cannot read at grade level by the time they are in fourth grade are four times as likely to drop out of school—eight times if they are a minority growing up in under-resourced neighborhoods. Fortunately, Jakyra was recommended to By The Hand when she was in fourth grade.

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Eleventh Grade—Austin

The transformation in Georsaé since she joined By The Hand in fourth grade is amazing. And so is what divine and human love can do in the life of a child when you are willing to be the One.

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Succeeding—Mind, Body, Soul


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67% of High School Graduates Enrolled in College


100% of Students Received Daily Warm and Nutritious Meals


78% of Students Professed Faith in Jesus

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By The Hand has served over 5,000 students like James since 2001, when we began with 16 kids from Cabrini-Green. Together, we are loving and nurturing each child—mind, body and soul.

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Students receive life-changing holistic care at By The Hand because generous friends like you cover the cost on their behalf. When you invest in them—mind, body and soul—they thrive!