In fourth grade, a school attendant and her mom recommended that Jakyra enroll in By The Hand because she was having trouble focusing and staying on target with her schoolwork. Jakyra’s first impression of By The Hand was that “it was a fun place.” And it’s still fun.

By The Hand provided her with the support she needed, including the Reading Horizons Program. Over time, she became very good in reading and better in math. Now a cheerful and open tenth-grader, Jakyra attends a Level 1 high school where she makes straight As and scores very high on standardized tests. She is also very close to her coach and mentor at By The Hand, Ms. Akeeysha, with whom she attends Great St. John Bible Church.

Now Jakyra is looking at colleges. Before, going away to college seemed daunting, since she didn’t want to leave her mom alone to take care of her four younger siblings. But now she doesn’t worry so much—three of the four are also enrolled in By The Hand.

Jakyra is hopeful and excited about her future. Jakrya is the Power of One in action.